Editorial Policy

At Geeks Wiser, we are a closely bonded family branched out over a global network. We are dedicated to bringing engaging, reliable, and quality content to our techie and non-techie readers.

Our content writers and designers aim to bring integrity and authenticity to our analysis and research. Added to this, our articles and blogs are free of moral and social concerns and conflict to provide an inclusive environment. If you come across any content that can be improved, please reach out to us at (email).

Our Content Integrity Promise

Geeks Wiser is committed to providing trustworthy and verified content to our readers through our editorial processes. Our highly skilled team of writers, fact-checkers, editors, illustrators, and photographers followed by our financial advisory experts.

They perform thorough and diligent investigations to ensure that our content is relevant and accurate and prioritizes our customers’ needs.

Furthermore, each article is proofread and headed with a descriptive line, a small description, and information about the author(s) of the article. Some articles have a link attached containing more information about the author(s) while some have a tagline to provide citations and research.

As well as this, the images, graphics, videos, and illustrations available on our website are created by our graphic design teams. These teams often collaborate with experts in their respective fields and also represent diverse voices, perspectives, and contexts.

Periodic reviews by our Review, Financial, and Anti Bias Boards as well as others ensure that the articles are accurate and up to standard. The photos and videos used in the articles are not edited in a way that may cause confusion or be misleading.

To avoid conflicts of interest, our editors and writers are responsible to share any concerns or information regarding potential conflicts.

As per our policy, our articles and the advertising ones are separate and are not influenced by any of our advertisers.


Our authors and editors stick to ironclad standards for article sourcing. We use authentic and reputable sources of information which include but are not limited to; expert interviews, government-published statistics, as well as certified academic and professional institutions. All facts, stats, and claims will be backed up by at least one reputable source.

Geeks Wiser strongly discourages the use of unnamed or anonymous sources as it breaches reader trust. However, if an article is anonymously sourced, we will provide our readers with the reason and context behind the anonymity.


Our writers are advised to use factual and authentic statistics and citations. To ensure that our articles meet the required standard, our fact-checking team provides a critical review to ensure content integrity. They are a group of professionals selected and vetted for journalistic expertise.

They are charged with researching all facts, claims, etc.. This ensures that our articles are accurate and comprehensive while the statistics are properly sourced and up to date.

Diversity and Anti Bias

Geeks Wiser believes that every human deserves respect and equality in all walks of life, regardless of their social, cultural, or economic background. Our mission is to represent, help and include all people. Our Anti-Bias Review Board is made up of professors, advocates, public health specialists, journalists, researchers, and financial experts each with a staunch background in supporting anti-racism, equality, and diversity.

Independence and Impartiality

Our organization is committed to independent and impartial journalism. Uninfluenced by advertisers, our staff and contributors are held to a high standard of transparency and honesty. We label content that is advertised or sponsored to provide a clear separation between content provided by us and content provided by sponsors.

Besides this, our website provides unbiased and comprehensive reviews about the products and services on offer. These reviews are independent and based on extensive research along with product testing.

Geeks Wiser’s writers and editors are prohibited from providing any preferential treatment to any outside company, publication, website or illustration regardless of their relationship with the owner or author of the content.

Our writers are advised to indicate and disclose any potential conflicts of interest: any financial, social, or cultural relationship that would endanger their integrity and ultimately our organization and consumers. They should be able to provide fair and impartial information.


Our goal here at GeeksWiser.com is to provide authentic, unbiased, and useful content that aids our consumers in choosing the right good or service and caters to their every need. All information available in the articles on our website is thoroughly researched, factual, and cited by experts from their respective fields.

We aim to provide verified content that doesn’t infringe on anyone’s copyright or intellectual rights. Plagiarism is prohibited and any instance of it happening is investigated thoroughly and is grounds for dismissal. We expect all contributors on the network to abide by all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices.