League of Legends Explained: A Guide for Beginners from Experts

League of Legends Explained

League of Legends is climbing ranks as one of the most popular Free-to-Play games on app stores. Its magnificent esports scene is growing increasingly popular in the esports league. This blog will take a deep dive with you into League of Legends and how to embark on a journey of fun with the game.

League of Legends: What is It?

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). It’s one of the most popular games globally and is one of the most played esports games. There are usually ten players in a game of LoL, 5 per side who go for a battle at Summoners’ Rift. Each player controls a single character in League of Legends, called a Champion. If you already know a lot about the game, you can opt for League of Legends rank boosting.

What is a Champion in League of Legends?

League of Legends Runes Guide - LOL Fanatics

There are different types of Champions in League of Legends, and here is a concise list of them

  • Tanks, who are Champions are able to sustain huge damage.

  • Bruiser, are melee fighters, that give you a mix of tanky and damage abilities

  • Mage, a Champion who fights at range and casts spells

  • ADC, a Champion who can give you ranged physical damage

  • Support, a mix of mage and tank Champions

  • Assassins, high damage vulnerable Champions

Inside these core groups of Champions, there are a variety of specific styles and sub-styles. But, these are the basic elements you need to know when it comes to League of Legends’s growing character roster. Now, we come to Lanes, where each Champion is suited to one or two lanes. A Lane defines the position played by a user and the type of matchups they face off against. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has created Champion Spotlights for your reference.

What are Lanes in League of Legends?

League of Legends' runes and masteries overhaul adds a deadly new tool for Assassins

League of Legends simply has three lanes and a jungle. The three LoL lanes are top, mid, and bottom. There are jungles between the lanes where Junglers play inside. Every Lane usually features different types of Champions.

  • Top lane, usually for tanks, bruisers, and fighters. The top Lanes are most commonly melee champion lanes.

  • Mid lane, usually for mages and sometimes assassins

  • Bottom Lane is the only dual champion lane. It features an ADC and a support

  • Jungle, a mix of assassins, bruisers, and tanks

League of Legends: How to Play?

The first step to playing League of Legends is selecting your Champion during the pre-game selection, being assigned your role, and then heading off to the Summoners’ Rift. From there, you’ll have one minute and thirty seconds before minions, NPC characters to kill for gold, come into your lane for a fight. The main goal of League of Legends is to push down lanes and destroy the opponent team’s towers to take down their monsters. To get there, you’ll have to kill champions, take down epic monsters, and fight minions. If you start the game inside the jungle, you need to play in the jungle. You need to get your team ahead by killing NPC controller monsters and attacking lanes. The jungle role helps dictate and control your game’s flow.

League of Legends: How to Communicate in the Game?

You usually have two ways of communicating with your team in League of Legends. You can either type and press enter or use the ping system. The ping wheel can be accessed by holding the “G” key and using your mouse to drag the cursor over the ping. You can quickly tell your team what’s going on via the ping system, and here are the pings:

  • ? – Use this as a symbol that someone is missing

  • ! – Use this as a danger pink

  • Flag – Use this to ask for help

  • Here or Coming – Use this to tell your team that either you are on your way or an ability you fired is heading for that point.

The question mark is the most important ping as it helps you communicate that the enemy is missing. You can also type SS mid into the chatbox to communicate the same.

League of Legends: Gaming Modes

League of Legends Runes Guide | Gaming Verdict

League of Legends usually has two gaming modes, where the 5v5 mode is split into four groups.

  • Blind Pick: In this 5v5 mode, you can pick the Champion you want. But the problem is you don’t know your opponent team’s composition until the game starts. You also need to announce your role and lane in the chatbox first.

  • Draft Pick: This is the standard mode for League of Legends. Teams take turns in draft pick mode to ban Champions before picking. The rules are that each team can ban one Champion per player before picking their Champions.

  • Ranked: This is the Solo Q mode in League of Legends, with the same style of picking Champions as the draft pick. Your opponents have a similar skill after you play 5 placement matches. You can queue for the ranked mode alone or with a partner as long as they are in the same rank as you.

  • Ranked Flex: The Flex queue functions the same way as the Solo Q queue. However, you can queue up in groups of one, two, three, or five, making it special.

Summoner Spells and Runes

A Guide to Runes in League of Legends

The point of League of Legends is that you have access to a selection of summoner spells during your adventures on the Rift. Summoner Spells are one of the two spells you can use during a long cooldown to change the tide of a battle. League of Legends provides you with access to many spells, heals, teleports, movement speed increases, and shields.

Runes are a special feature that alters your gameplay style. Some Runes will help you deliver a spike of damage after hitting three spells and others are tank-heavy. You are allowed to pick one primary Rune, and three smaller Runes from the same category. You are also provided with the option to pick a second rune page.

Final Words: League of Legends


You’ll have to play your first match to earn XP and Blue Essence. XP helps you level up and unlock Runes and Summoner Spells. On the other hand, Blue Essence helps you unlock Champions. We hope this blog about League of Legends piqued your interest and you enjoy your matches.

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