The Quality Battle: Who Wins? Assignment Writing Services or Chat GPT

Assignment Writing Services

Being a student is rarely an easy task. Be it in school, college, or university, students always have struggles with academia, as well as with studying-related things, like fitting in their class or trying to find the balance between pursuing their degree and working to pay their tuition.

Maintaining such a balance is hard, and it requires certain sacrifices. That’s why students often check paperwriter reviews to see if the service corresponds to their needs. They dream of offloading at least some tasks.

For several decades, students had only two options for writing assignments: either do them independently or order them from some assignment writing service. But last year, an alternative option arrived — GPT Chat. Many users treat it like the “Word Processor of Gods.”

Okay, it doesn’t give you an option to, let’s say, delete the professor you don’t like or erase the discipline you’re struggling with from history. None of that Stephen King’s short story stuff will happen. But the tool can produce texts quickly.

So, what can be said about the quality of those texts?

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using GPT Chat

So, before we check the tool’s advantages and disadvantages, we need to answer one question: what is Chat GPT? It’s a chatbot trained to follow its users’ instructions precisely and produce texts based on the said instructions.

When OpenAI launched the app in late 2022, it broke a record by attracting over 100 million users two months after its release. The numbers speak for themselves, you might think. But things are a bit different when you go into details.


  • GPT Chat is free, so you don’t have to spend extra money on it if you don’t need advanced features.
  • The tool has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t have to study manuals to figure out how it works.
  • The app works fast: it provides detailed instructions on what kind of assistance you need, and you’ll get it within seconds.


  • While the tool is trained to produce texts in the blink of an eye, the end product may be unoriginal and lacking creativity.
  • After using the tool for creating your assignment, you will have to rewrite it, as AI detectors can easily determine whether a human wrote the text.
  • The fast-paced production often leads to content of poor quality. You cannot rely on Open AI’s sources for training the chatbot.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t fact-check the materials it utilizes to craft your assignment; hence, some sources can be unreliable.
  • Unlike experts from an assignment writing service, the tool cannot handle complex tasks that rely on much research and analysis.
  • ChatGPT has in common with King’s “Word Processor of Gods” that it’s prone to technical errors. A glitch in the system may leave users with useless outputs.

Drawbacks of Using Assignment Writing Services

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Assignment Writing Services

As you can see, ChatGPT definitely has certain advantages. However, it’s hard to say that it is the best option when you need help with academic writing.

Let’s see whether online helpers with human experts fare better. After all, there must be some reason why, despite the above-mentioned app and other writing tools, students still opt for a human touch when needing academic help. So, let’s check out the pros and cons of having your task written by human experts.


  • You get customized assignment writing help. Human experts are well-qualified to meet your assignment requirements, such as tone of voice, writing style, and formatting.
  • You can always request a plagiarism report to ensure the ordered assignment doesn’t contain plagiarized materials.
  • When ordering from an assignment writing service, you can rest assured that your personal and financial data are secured.
  • Human experts can execute many assignments, from simple school assignments to dissertations.
  • Using the service allows users to get matched with an expert in a field according to their requirements.
  • Using a service is not just about getting your work done; when checking the end product, you can learn something new.


  • Unfortunately, a human expert cannot write your assignment within minutes; the minimum deadline is between three and six hours.
  • Checking and revising the end product is recommended to ensure it is done correctly.
  • Ordering from online assignment helpers is not free, although the prices are mostly suitable for students who are tight on budget.

Evaluating the Reputation of Both Options

While there are cases when students are left unsatisfied with the end product, assignment help services have been around for decades. They successfully transitioned to the digital age, and most students find them trustworthy.

When it comes to the OpenAI invention, it’s still earning its reputation. On the one hand, it can execute simple tasks with decent accuracy. You can say that the tool can craft a high school piece with the same level of quality as human experts. On the other hand, human experts fare better with more complex assignments.

The app has other limitations. For example, it can produce texts up to 4100 characters. It may work well with short texts. But you won’t go far with it when you need a longer piece. Needless to say, ChatGPT will be absolutely useless with large works like a thesis or dissertation.

Besides, the output always requires rewrites, as AI detectors led to several students being expelled from colleges and universities. It’s something that doesn’t happen when you have your text written by human experts. It’s hard to determine if another human wrote the assignment and even harder to prove.

Final Words

While AI writing can come in handy for short works, it doesn’t come close to the quality of complex assignments crafted by human experts. The AI detectors easily make using AI tools more risky than ordering from an assignment writing service like PaperWriter. There, you can always have customized help not limited to 4000 characters. Thousands of students have already taken advantage of such a service.

While it’s not free, the prices are reasonable. And it’s unlikely that you’ll face consequences close to the “Word Processor of Gods” ending when your assignment is in the hands of human professionals. So, choose wisely.

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