SeekHD: What is and How does Work?

Seek HD
Seek HD

SeekHD is a website which help to find a person’s data i.e. phone, email, address, and so on. It offers a paid subscription with an unlimited number of search queries. The site guarantees the privacy of the data it receives from you. Customers of SeekHD, however, frequently gripe that they are unable to cancel their subscriptions and that the website still charges them money.

How does SeekHD work?

The service describes itself as a tool for reverse lookups. SeekHD offers rapid searches using names, email addresses, or phone numbers. It assists you in identifying potential telemarketers and email senders. Additionally, it searches open databases for information about a person or location using their name or address.

It performs similarly to USPhoneLookup or CocoFinder in terms of how it works. Although it won’t uncover some classified information, it aids your research in public databases, saving you important time.

How To Cancel SeekHD Subscription?

You ought to manually cancel your subscription. A SeekHD membership can be canceled in a number of ways. To start, use your account to unsubscribe. By contacting customer support or through the official Seek HD website, you may quickly cancel your subscription.

  1. First log in to your SeekHD account.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. Select your membership category from the list.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Then select the Cancel Membership option.

Please be aware that the plan must be manually cancelled because the system will continue the Seek HD membership on a paid basis after the free trial has ended. To make sure you don’t use the service, you can also write to their representatives. The change from a subscription date to a billing date must be cancelled at least one day in advance. There shouldn’t be any more funds listed when the membership is terminated, and you are not required to fill out any other paperwork.

How To Get Refund From SeekHD?

You can get refund from Seek HD by following these below steps.

How To Get Refund From SeekHD
How To Get Refund From SeekHD
  • First visit contact page
  • Enter your Name and their contacts (i.e., your name and contact information).
  • Date.
  • Name of the recipient (company, institution).
  • 4. A request that says you wish to revoke your subscription and get a refund. Include images of the transactions to prove the money was withdrawn. Tell them you’d like a refund as quickly as possible, then wait for a response.

Final Words

With just a few simple facts, you can utilize SeekHD to look for specific devices or obtain other necessary information. Many people, however, have alleged that the platform is fraudulent or that they are dissatisfied with the services it offers. If you agree, cancel your subscription right away using the procedures we outlined above, or send your questions to customer support.


Searching is easy. First choose the search method you want to use, then simply follow the prompts.
Simply choose the product you would like to purchase, search for the data you are looking for and complete the checkout form.
No, all of your searches are confidential, no one, including the person you are searching, will ever be notified.
Simply go to our Password Reset page and follow the prompts.
Canceling your subscription is fast and easy. Just log into your account, click on the My Account link on the top right of the page, select the product you would like to cancel, click “Change Plan” and follow the simple prompt. See our Cancel Membership page for more details.
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