YouTube will Allow you to Play Mini Games soon


The function, called “Playables,” which is presently under beta testing, lets YouTube users play entertaining little games on the home page.

Soon, you’ll be able to play a few entertaining mini-games right on the YouTube site as a fun way to kill some time. Okay, so it’s not quite action, but it’s still some gaming fun.

‘Playables’ is the name of a new gaming feature that YouTube is apparently testing. The function, which is only accessible to a small number of lucky people, can be found on a separate tab on the homepage of both the desktop website and the YouTube mobile application.


Users are still unable to view a list of the games that have been released, but news outlet “9to5Google” has singled out one game called “Stack Bounce” in particular. It’s a straightforward arcade game where players control a ball that, with a few precisely timed clicks, will shatter through rings.

The Stack Bounce version on YouTube resembles variants of the game that are easily accessible on the PlayStore or even Facebook games quite a bit.

Additionally, this is not the first time Google has used the game; it was previously part of Google’s GameSnacks service, a platform that let users play quickly loading, bite-sized games on their mobile devices. GameSnacks, however, was a failure and ended up in Google’s repository of abandoned ideas.

Stack Bounce is anticipated to save game progress now on YouTube, which may be viewed later through the browser history.

YouTube currently just offers a straightforward game where users may bounce a ball through rings, but if the function becomes popular, it may add more entertaining mini-games. Which of your preferred mini games would you like to see on YouTube?

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